Was that April?

Does is seem like Beltaine to you today? Chances are if you live in my neck of the woods you are thinking 'hell no'.

The idea that spring is half over is ridiculous. It just started last Friday after all.

April was snowy and dreary and cold and odd and I don't know a single local person who didn't find themselves taking the weather very personally at times. I noticed myself doing this but I wasn't able to turn it off. I feel like I spent most of the month accepting the shitty weather and accepting myself for letting it bother me so much. Time for a change.

April contained more than the icky weather. There were volunteer trainings and dining out for life and seeds being planted and a few walks. There was weight-lifting and continued wearing of boots. There were sweet tiny ideas being born. There was healing in the family. Vacations have been figured out.

Unlike so many Springs this one will be remembered.
I am ready for May, although it is snowing out there as I type this. 

Happy Beltaine irregardless. xox