Best part of Iowa

We went to Iowa to pick up a car that we had bought. The trip went quite well. The weather was great. The car, though even dirtier than we expected, is great. [saab 9-5 with hail damage] It was wonderful spending several hours connecting with my wife after being gone for 8 days. I usually have great luck finding places to eat, although that didn't happen this time we had snacks in the car.

The best part though was at a rest stop in Iowa. We were walking around a bit, stretching our legs and headed for the building and my wife turned to me and said. 'We can get married here'.
It was awesome to realize that.

Here it is Samhain and I am not sure what we will be doing. I did take the day off but it seems like my long illness that was October really put a damper on my planning gene. We'll see how the day unfolds.

I am remembering those who left this past year, especially Dan. May memories of your ancestors and loved ones be of a comfort to you.

Happy to be Back

At last I really feel like I am home. My trip to CA seemed really long and disrupted my schedule in all ways. Then just I was getting back into a groove I needed to make a quick [read exhausting] trip to Iowa. This morning I am finally feeling grounded and here again.

I am not sure why I keep thinking I will have extra time to write when I am traveling when this has never been proved by experience. Once again my extra tiredness [and weird internet connections] kept me from doing much at all online . I really missed it.

On the plus side I haven't spent the past 2+ weeks blogging about the cold that has been dragging me down. I have been sick since October 3 and it seems to be hanging on. I still have a bit of a cough, but I did notice I could smell things again yesterday! So it seems hopeful that full recovery is arriving soon.

Almost November and Nanowrimo! Are you doing it this year? We start in less the 2 days

fourth second one

A few days ago we celebrated the anniversary of our Canadian wedding with a workout at the Y and Indian take out. We had tickets to go to the final Lynx game that night but that didn't happen since they clinched the championship on 10/7.

It was just a nice evening being with my wife and feeling grateful for my marriage. We chatted about our third wedding which I firmly believe will happen some day and agreed that we would finally have Indian food for at least one of our wedding celebrations.

I spent a lot of this week thinking about people who were coming out for the first time, Frank Kameny, the rights we don't have and how much our society has changed. Yes, I think I will get that third wedding and this time no white!

certainly surreal

The weekend we just spent up at the cottage was incredible and surreal. The weather is what gave created the dream-like quality.

It was warm, gloriously warm for northern WI, for the second weekend of October. It was summer, we wore shorts and sandals and hung out on the deck in bare feet. Over half of the leaves were off the trees, the water was warm, and many of the birds had left. Though we did hear the geese calling out as they flew through the moonlight on Saturday.

The wind kept rushing and singing through the trees and even after the sun set it was still warm all night long. We never used a jacket. The bugs, thanks to the wind and the cold snap in September, were few.

I sat and recovered from my illness. I read and read many of the 'maisie dobbs' series. I noticed connections between the depression of the 30's [the era of the novels] and the times we are living in right now. I rocked in my chair on the deck and looked at the incredibly blue sky of October that did not match the warm temps. The few gold leaves left on the Aspen fluttered constantly. Things looked almost wintery but felt like August.

It was a true gift from the universe. I don't know if the weather patterns are changing so that I'll have an autumn like this again, but it doesn't make me relish it any less. I felt stretched out by the wind and the rest.

fourth first one

Yesterday we celebrated our fourth anniversary. The weather was eerily summer-like similar to 2007. We left for dinner with light shirts and no jackets. I wore sandals. We seriously considered eating out on the patio, it was so warm.

We finally made it to Heidi's, our first time since their opening in their new location [after the fire] I enjoyed my meal but my head cold affected my tastebuds. My healthy wife said it was one of the best meals she had all year. [and remember we ate at Chez Panisse in March]

Parking is miserable over there and we got lucky with on street parking. The new space is lovely and so is the patio. I am fortunate to have reservations there next week with friends hopefully by then I'll be able to appreciate and taste the food.

Besides being happy about getting married 4 years ago to a wonderful woman who I love more each year [so cliche but true] I also thought about this blog. This blog originally from my being engaged to be married and all that entailed for me. In a way this blog is a child of those marriage plans. For the first time I wondered "if I hadn't said yes, would I even be blogging now"?

I can't imagine not being married right now. Barring the unknown, it is where I plan to stay. And in a similar manner I feel that way about blogging, it just fits somehow.

Love to all the unlikely partnerships out there.

not so sure now

I had been thinking that my head cold was a small price to pay for a fun weekend of dancing but now ...

I spent the evening listening to the radio since I could not use my ticket to watch the Lynx beat the Dream in the second game of the finals. Because of this wet germy head cold. Radio was my only option at home since we don't have cable. It was an incredible tight game and I am happy we won it and I am glad we found someone to use my ticket.

I also got some knitting done, it kept me from biting my nails when the game got tense. I am sorry I couldn't be there though. Game 3 on Friday, I'm not sure if my nerves can stand it.

so little time to say so much

So many delightful things have been happening in the past week that I have felt time-squeezed. I am going to try to remember a bunch of them.

Last Tuesday 9/27 it seemed like autumn had really started. It was like a painting as I walked across the office parking lot. The sky was a cloudy, matte grey-blue. The trees lining the drive at work. I think they may be lindens. Were just starting to turn colours and were a glorious combination of every shade of yellow, gold and green. Against the grey-blue sky they seemed to be lit from within. For me it was a perfect melding of beauty and spirit.

Since then we have had lovely autumn weather, in fact this week we are revisiting summer. The best kind of summer with low humidity, no bugs and cool nights. I just sit in the garden and look all around in delight. Riding anywhere on the bike seems like the most brilliant activity ever as does anything taking place outside.

Thursday we saw Catie Curtis perform and enjoyed it so much. It's been several years since we have seen her so we were so glad to make this one. She gave a wonderful show. Her voice, studio recordings just don't do it justice.

Then it was time for the MN Country Dance Weekend. I danced Friday night and all day Saturday, I wanted to go to the ball Saturday night but I fell asleep on the floor. They were doing a Harry Potter theme and I am so sorry that I missed it! It's been a couple of years since I have done contra and it was fun to remember what an incredible workout it is and less fun to remember how boring it can be it it's full of long spins and not much else. It did inspire me to get back to challenge contra again though if they ever offer it again.

The rest of my catch up will have to wait. I have a head cold that I think I caught while dancing. It is worth it though.