not the year for a birthday

Sometimes a birthday is about getting through the day and this has been one of those birthdays. I can't remember the last time my birthday was so .... dreary.  So that means I have been having great ones.  Ones where my poor wife was not sick and my dog did not have cancer. *sniff*

A large part of the dreariness is missing Nanowrimo. I am working on my project but it doesn't feel the same at all. I miss Nanowrimo so much. Part of me keeps thinking 'maybe I could' and part of me wants to concentrate on my other deadlines.

Being an adult equals no fun sometimes. Hopefully a nice evening will bring some balance back.

unexpected gifts

Today I received the gift of "Strength to Transform in the Midst of Full Catastrophe". Now I am no where near a full catastrophe but it's nice to know it's there if needed.

warm wishes for smooth times.

zucchini after 7 in the Morning

Pre-birthday, post Samhain celebration included a visit to ArtAttack and a very well acted production of Morning's at Seven. The last showing is November 3, if you can make the matinee I recommend it warmly. 

This was followed by a nosh at the Loring Kitchen. I don't know why but the servings were huge. In the past there was never enough but this time we had ample zucchini fries for 8 people.  We were 2.

Fortunately unlike theatrical runs the restaurant should be there in the future so you can try those fries for yourself at any time.

post gloom

The title is not quite accurate there is still plenty of gloom to go around.

But the sun today was the opposite of gloom. It was bright and kind and showed off every coloured leaf on every gorgeous tree with a golden haze.

It was hard to stay on the road when I wanted to gawk full time at beauty. Have the leaves ever hung around this late before?