Tuna Salad with Cherries?

We have a abundance of pie cherries again this year and it has been heavenly.  Not only have I given pounds away to family and friends but I am always finding new ways to use them.

This year I perfected a cherry tart with an almond crust which I love. This took quite a bit of work and a lot of tart eating. [poor us!]

Sometimes though the ideas come easily.  Today I put together a tuna salad with -- tuna, mayo, capers, chopped celery and fennel. It tasted good but it tasted fantastic when I threw in a huge handful of pitted pie cherries and ate it with sweet potato chips. The sour salty salad was fabulous with the sweet-ish chips. I meant to take a photo but it is already gone.

Oh well - I must remember for next year.