Kissing November

So many kisses to dear November. 

Kisses to my birthday [25 hours!], the fun times with friends, the work challenges, vacation, the mild weather, Thanksgiving, wonderful turkey, knitting oddness, hats for the homeless, retreating with Tara Brach, sitting out on the terrace and of course Nanowrimo which colors everything in November for me. Word count=50044

Once again I am so grateful to my family and friends for their support during my almost complete writing distraction this month. Kisses for everyone! 
And special kisses to the election results and the winner -Math

writing and writing

Still in the writing zone it's all I do -- 

Word count = 42,753.  This may be the first year I do not finish early one.

That's ok though. I am learning to push through tired brain fog and still write. It's a good skill to have. I feel a bit sad about that stuff I can't do this week though.

This year it has been so much easier for me to write in the morning. I wonder why that has changed. Oh well too tired to figure it out now.

Write like the wind!

In the Zone

Word count = 36,009

A quick check in to rejoice over my word count. I am still behind at this moment [by 4K] but it seems all very doable at this point. I am in the writing zone and having so much fun!

Nanowrimo is so different every year for me. Although this year is not yet over I am already noticing the lessons and quirks of 2012.

in past years I have missed many days of writing during the month. This year I have written 22 of the 24 days thus far. Some days had tiny totals but I did write. This rhythm feels very odd to me. I am not sure if I like it or not. It certainly gave me more of the 'I am writing horrible stuff' feeling, stretched it out. In fact for awhile I was moving so slowly I wondered if I would simply run out of time even though the will was there.

Much like working a program I kept bringing my focus back down to that day, that hour, that paragraph and let go of the word count. Over and over again. It was challenging.

But if I do win Nano this year, and barring a catastrophe I will, I will have learned a new type of progress. In fact if for some reason I don't win I still have learned something. Now I feel humbled and rather choked up.

None Nano content --> Thanksgiving was wonderful around here, I was grateful to not host and for all the love and fabulous food. I hope that you all had the kind of Thanksgiving that suited you best. xo

behind but it's been worse

Word Count = 21,257

I am rather shocked at how much I am behind. That is until I look at 2010 and I see how much worse it was that year.

There is writing happening along with a huge needed break from the day job. There is even tiny bits of knitting getting done.

I do feel scattered and lacking in focus though. Can nano be won this year? Probably but I could use a little more space and time for myself. Not sure how to make that happen.

On the plus side I am seeing friends and family and they are all wonderful, I only wish I had time to chat about all the current good stuff.

To bed and then more writing, that's the plan. Love to everyone's November efforts!

My favorite won

So there was an election last week, did you all know?

Of course you knew, I wonder if there was anyway to live in this country and not know? I did my best to hold to my new years resolution of 'view no political tv ads' but one slipped by me, it was so pleasant and non-strident I didn't realize what it was until it was almost over. Oh and one slipped by online as well. [does that count?]

Still it's a good resolution which I will keep striving towards. I pity anyone living in Ohio, I hear the ad wars were hell there.

So if you have been reading me these past years you know that politics is not my thing. You may make some guesses about the causes that interest me and you would probably be right... and of course I am pleased about what happened in Maryland, Maine, Minnesota and Washington. I believe that all [tax paying] adults should have the same rights. Ok even if you don't pay taxes.

Even without the ad watching I still had to witness people freaking out and it was painful. I may get teary-eyed over the possibility of my third wedding [to the same woman] but the real highlight for me was this

 --- Math won.   xkcd says it best  

So happy about the Math I forgot to report on my word count => 14780 words.  I always seem to fall behind when I go out of town, not too worried.

The 25 hour birthday

The thing about the 25 hour birthday is that it's awesome but.. well there is no but, it's fabulous all the way around. 

Time changes can be problematic for us all, but it always fun to feel like you are getting an hour 'back' and the timing this year was such fun for me.

I could get up 'early' on my birthday but it wasn't really early. It felt like a spacious, magical, wonderful time all day long. True the weather was not as stellar as it has been the past few years on my bday. I don't think it got above 50 F but that didn't seem to matter on the 25 hour birthday. 

I was up early enough to see the sun, I had presents and cards from my family. My clever wife replaced the watch in my battery as one of my gifts which was so great. It gave me my watch back and saved me an errand. We had a decadent tea party and ruined everyone's dinners. I got tons of birthday wishes and flowers and presents... and I enjoyed being able to remember how much I love people and how much love there is in my life.

What can I say, apparently that 25th hour contains extra mush.

[Oh and there was writing! Word count ==> 7813]

On the second day of Nano

Nanowrimo the fourth [for me] started yesterday and I am having a blast. 

Word count update -- 4146

So far there has been a train, intimate relationships in the tiny train bathroom, some pill popping and now there is some passing out going on... it's brilliant fun.

It may be November 2nd but it not to late for anyone. Why not write this year?

Shout out to one of my oldest friends on this her birthday. Many happy returns my dear!