Popping at Travail

There isn't much time left but if you can - go to Umami,  Travail's pop up restaurant.  It closes in a week.  Which will be a sad day but that's all the more reason to buy those tickets now.

There you will have some of the best food of your year, perhaps of your decade.

I trust the chefs at Umami/Travail so completely that I will try anything they put in front of me because I know the chances are that I will love it. This is a night I will eat grains, soy or anything else. Though I still don't like the taste of sweets so I don't end up eating them.  Not many people will have the room for them anyway.

Here is what we had last Thursday night:

Glazed chicken wings, pork spareribs, steamed bun with pork [shared], octopus croquette, shirataki noodle salad, duck medley [pate, prosciutto & sausage] roasted brussel sprouts with bacon and cranberries, bulgogi, chicken dumplings, shrimp dumplings, ham hock dumplings,  ramen with fresh noodles [shared], congee with pepper puree and cauliflower [shared] followed by [if you can stand it - dessert] key lime on spoon, pumpkin bread pudding and chocolate creme with banana soft serve ice cream.

The winners for me: bulgogi, octopus and chicken dumpling
The only 'loser': ham hock dumpling [but my wife loved it]

It's all you can eat. They'll bring you more of what you love. [feel free to laugh]

We found it all we could do to taste every yummy dish which left us stuffed to the gills, no to the crowns of our heads. There were no seconds for us.

It was a fabulous meal. Here's hoping it's the start of a better time.

hmm, that was certainly awful

November 2013 was awful. Not the month as much as my relationship to it. It was the month that contained my dog's diagnosis of inoperable bone cancer and death.

It seems no matter how many sweet end moments I had the over all effect is... it sucked. So time to draw the veil over that month and get on with December.

I was going to jump right in but I am think it deserves its own post.