Wardrobe totals and other numbers

Last year on January 24, I said that someday I would total my entire wardrobe, all seasons.  Living in a 4 season climate means I never 'see' the whole thing. since I only use a part of it at any given time.

 I didn't realize it yesterday but it was a year later [exactly] and I did that very thing. Here are some numbers/totals sliced up a few different ways.

Clothing and footwear - 91
This number does not include winter coats or accessories or handbags . It does not include lingerie, tights, socks or sleepwear. It does not include my ballgown capsule which includes my wedding gown. What happens if I include it all?  

Entire Wardrobe -- 207

Wardrobe is a funny word which actually means' a collection of clothing' [items worn to cover the body] so I probably shouldn't have my handbags in there. Gloves count but belts don't?  Footwear is clothing?  I wasn't finding the semantics helpful so I stopped.

I did count up my jewelry -- 85 pieces with and additional 12+ pieces that need mending or are sentimental inheritances I ignore. It's easy for me to not pay too much attention to it as long as it all fits in its container.

I love numbers but I don't find these numbers all that interesting. What did interest me is that I did find stuff that needed to go to a new home. Sometimes that home was the trash can. I found a pair of shoes I forgot I possessed which I moved along.  I got rid of a pair of black pumps that never felt right but I am sure will be perfect for someone else. I am amazed at the slush that can creep in to a tight wardrobe.

Then I crunched some numbers I found very interesting:

57% of clothing, accessories, footwear, outerwear, handbags, sleepwear was bought secondhand.
23% of the same was gifted to me, both secondhand and new stuff in here.
34% of the same was bought new by me
5%  of the same is 'other'. Inherited, so old I can't remember, you know, 'other'.

[math alert] There is overlap between the first two categories.

I am very interested in increasing the percentage of thrift buys going forward but I am not sure how to do this. I also noticed that if I use the undergarment inclusive total the percentage of 'new' climbs to 46%. This represents the one area where I do not thrift shop.

All in all I am glad I finally looked at some 4 season totals. I have found a lot to ponder going forward about what is important to me as regards my purchasing, shopping habits and needs.