flying standby

I had an new experience this week. A good friend got me a standby ticket to get to palm springs for an extra visit to my parents.

It was my first time flying standby and I found that all the information I had gathered had not really prepared me for what is was like. I think it's like gambling, I actually felt a rush at times wondering if I was going to make it on the plane. Or the next or the one after that.

Turns out that I'm not any more lucky at getting on a plane for standby than I am at games of chance. But it was an interesting experience, people are so kind. For me though it was all "standing by" and no flying. It was really odd to make it to the gate[s] and then end up leaving the airport anyway having failed to get on a plane. Like moving backwards through time or something.

It really showed me the story I had embedded 'go to airport, get on plane, arrive new place'. It was rather fun making room for a new path, like a mental yoga stretch.

So now I have a free weekend I didn't know I would have and I am really looking forward to it. It feels absolutely luxurious, and I hope to really experience it mindfully. I am sad about missing my mother's birthday but I know another trip will work out in the future.

waves of chilled lilac

This chilly spring has still been amazing. It has been quite breezy and my new wind chimes have been ringing gently for days. And it does seem like everything is blooming out at once.

Today I noticed my neighbor's huge hedge of lilacs is just about to pop open. Is it my imagination or are flowering trees and shrubs at their most fragrant just before they bloom? Anyway the result is cool waves of lilac breeze blowing into my bedroom window in a heavenly way. More precious because it is so fleeting.

The sunset was also unbelievable. The rays of light broke under the clouds gilding every leafing tree. The red maple against the blue grey sky looked like a painting and the newly leafed elm trees showed so many shades of green, light and shadow they were impossible to count. All I could do was stare and feel lucky.

May half over!

Sometimes it does go by like a flash, May half over already just doesn't seem possible.

My herb garden has been extremely consuming. Trying to keep all the plants alive while we finish up the geometric patterned beds. The cold put me behind in the digging, and now it's seems to be catch up time with incredible cold days alternating with July type weather.

I really do think that the garden will be wonderful and my dear wife and friends are helping so much with the bed lay out. None of realized how hard laying out near perfect symmetrical bricks would be. Definitely takes two people. And a square. And a lot of patience.

The annuals and plants are starting to go in even though we are waiting to put in the basil for another couple of weeks, it was in the thirties last night.

Being outside so much I have really been noticing the spring, the rain, the birds, the colors. It has all been really wonderful just not good for blogging.

There is hope though, the chairs and table were moved out to the patio, soon I may be on the computer by the waterfall sharing it all with you.

one cold Beltane

I had many good intentions of arising before dawn to watch the morris dancers on the river greet the sun. Then I woke up and heard it was 32 degrees out and just stayed in bed shivering.

The whole holiday was chilly and my body is no longer acclimated, apparently. I wore a hat all day inside.

Still it was a wonderful mayday and I did warm up dancing for 3 hours that night, which was lovely. And May is here, spring is here and there is even a warm up happening. So that is all good.

It is the big plant sale this weekend and I am planning a new herb garden which I will probably start talking about here way too much soon. Although it's been chilly spring really does feel hopeful to me this year.

Which is great, I feel like I can use all the hope there is to spare right now.