love letter to June

Dear June,  I am so very, very happy to see you. I don't know if I have ever felt this strongly about you before but right now I adore you dearest June.

Some people may say that I am comparing you to May which was an incredibly difficult month to have around and I suppose that's true. It can be hard not to compare. There were sweet things about May in the midst of the horrible. I remember them.

Still one result of the inevitable comparison is I am ready to embrace newness and change right now. I feel an eagerness and a trickle of energy along with normal apprehension.

So leaving May with a consoling pat and heart sigh,  and now sinking into you June. xoxox


MysticalGypsy said...

I agree with you whole heartedly. I feel an excitement about the newness of June, letting May be water under the bridge.

Anonymous said...

I thought for one second that you're writing to a girl named June. Boy was I wrong!

Good read! If you can share some brain cells in my blog, I'd gladly appreciate it!

Happy June!

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