Grain free for a year [mostly]

I can't believe it's been a year since I stopped eating grains. It went fast and I wonder how much I will remember in another year or so?  Blogging to the rescue.

So here is what the this year of grain free looked like for me in no particular order.

[Back story: I was grain free for two years previously the summer of 2002 to the summer of 2004. I have been sugar free for 10 years, this didn't change although I grew more sensitive to sweet tastes]

-I started again at the prodding of my doctor. She suggested it as a way to deal with my swollen ankles which had been bothering me for the previous 4-5 months. 

-My wife volunteered to do it with me as support. Now she does it for herself. 

-The first month or so I upped my starch [potato, quinoa, buckwheat, and fruit] it did not agree with me. There was digestive evidence of this for 6 weeks or so. So I limited simple starches as well.

-About every other month I have Mexican and while I am there I may have 6 corn chips with lots of guacamole.

-I did not gain any weight over the winter holidays.

-My ankles have been improving, maybe an 80% improvement over the year.

-Coconut flour is a wonderful thing. It took a bit to get my grain free baking mojo back.

-I planned days when I would eat grains - on holidays - so about every 6 weeks. I might eat a sour dough pancake or sushi or real bread. No bad effects from this. I also ate some grains while on vacation in Montreal.

-During the warmer weather I missed rice a lot. In the colder months I missed bread. I still have days every month where I miss certain grains.

-The skin condition on my arms which I have had all my life is 'calmer'.

-I have potatoes about twice a month when I eat out. Usually hash browns. 

-I don't make grains or potatoes at home. If I buy some for a party I toss out leftovers when the party is over. Keeping french bread in the house is almost irresistible.

-I have lost almost 30 pounds. My weight stopped creeping up.

-I don't feel deprived. Sometimes I feel short of time to cook.

-I don't stress about small things when I eat out.  The sauce may have a bit of corn oil but I don't worry. I eat at places that serve seasonal, local and organic food. It works fine.

That's all that I can think of right now, if more comes to me I'll edit or have a part II. Basically it has been a good experiment that I am happy about. Certainly eating grains seldom seems to be what agrees with my body the best for the moment.

Now time for dinner. Salad, chicken with carrots and celery, followed by brie, half a pear and grain free crackers. Good nourishment to all!



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