not the year for a birthday

Sometimes a birthday is about getting through the day and this has been one of those birthdays. I can't remember the last time my birthday was so .... dreary.  So that means I have been having great ones.  Ones where my poor wife was not sick and my dog did not have cancer. *sniff*

A large part of the dreariness is missing Nanowrimo. I am working on my project but it doesn't feel the same at all. I miss Nanowrimo so much. Part of me keeps thinking 'maybe I could' and part of me wants to concentrate on my other deadlines.

Being an adult equals no fun sometimes. Hopefully a nice evening will bring some balance back.


runte said...

I sympathize with your concern over doing Nanowrimo in the face of other deadlines and am ill spouse; I am in the same position. However, I note that Nanowrimo is offering the option this year of setting one's own goals, so I have set the modest goal of 10,000 words for the month, so that I may participate but at the same time not have the pressure of 50,000 goal. 10,000 is quite enough pressure for this month, given my other deadlines, but at least I am making some progress on the book.

engagedbliss said...

thanks for the info about the moveable goal option nano has this year. I may be able to figure out the word count I need for my two projects and work towards that. :)

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