Specifics of Winter 2014 - 333

A few people asked me for the specifics of my list and I realized how much I enjoy the lists of others so it seems good to put mine out here.

What is not on this list
Tights, long underwear or undergarments of any kind, snow boots [though you bet I have them], outdoor exercise clothing. Light weight tops for dancing. These are utilitarian items that get me through the winter but I don't count them as my wardrobe. I don't track accessories.

What is on this list
Trousers for single digit [and below] days, trousers and skirts for when it is double digits, dressy evening separates. Footwear I use indoors and not for dancing.

Trousers: [8]
Wool pinstripe lined
Brown wool lined
Olive wool
Cream lined
Spruce cords
Aubergine cords
Brown cords
Brown velvet

Skirts: [2] =10
Green corduroy
Brown velvet

[6] =16
Wine silk scoop neck
Red cashmere cardigan
Black silk V neck
Brown cardigan
Rust merino V neck
Olive V neck

Tops: [7] = 23 [all long or 3/4 sleeves]
Black lace button down
Blue/purple Paisley shirt
Brown/cream striped button down
Olive lace T shirt
Merlot velvet tank
Brown V neck T
Plum V neck T

Jackets/Blazers: [5] =28

Olive boucle
Grey jersey

Wine velvet
Brown/black tweed
Teal/bronze brocade

Boots/Shoes: [5] = 33
Green boots
Brown boots
Chestnut loafers
Black slip-ons

Herringbone shoes

This is the way I do project 333 right now January through March. Your list will be entirely different. We all have such specific needs in our lives it makes sense to me that lists would vary widely. 

If the weather changes a lot by the end of February I will start a new cycle at the beginning of March. For me the seasonal aspect is what regulates everything. When I travel to Palm Springs this winter I may need to go to a different seasonal capsule in order to pack.

One of these days I will count all of my out of season items as well. I would like to know my totals. It may be that I have a skewed vision of my wardrobe since I have such strict seasonal capsules and never view it as a whole. But that's a project for another day.


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