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I started this blog in 2007 and many things have changed since then. One thing has not, I still don't like shopping for shoes.

Another thing that hasn't changed; I must own and wear shoes. 

At times I have been given shoes. That was nice. I got shoes and yet there was no shopping, decision making or paying. I have found retail high end comfortable shoes that I like, but they wear out and have to be replaced like any other shoe. Some [Naot I am looking at you] wear out too fast for the price in my opinion.

So what saves me time and money and aggravation? I buy shoes second-hand. This appalls many people but it works great for me for the reasons below. Feel free to ignore my reasons, especially if we wear the same size shoe!

-Many people won't buy shoes secondhand so there is a good selection.
-Shoes in consignment stores are almost always high quality.
-Many people love to buy shoe then don't wear them then give them away/sell them.
-It is very clear from looking at the shoe how much it has been worn. Flip them over and look at the sole for wear patterns. They shouldn't smell, they should be clean. Usually they look 'new' or at least unworn. 
-Buy leather, it lasts. If you are vegan or don't like leather for some other reason I suggest not buying shoes secondhand. [also "vegan leather" is plastic, do not buy plastic shoes second-hand]
-I can take a chance on shoes without sinking hundreds of dollars into them. If they 'work out' they are a fabulous value, if they are a fail then I haven't lost much.

My most recent shoe find: Dansko wedge sandals in olive for $9.50. Perfect in colour, fit and price. Currently 50% of my footwear was previously used, I am hoping to up the percentage going forward.

Here ends my shoe secret. peace xo


Máire said...

"[E]specially if we wear the same size shoe" LOLOL

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