Showers forecasted all August

Apparently this is the rainiest August on record in these parts. It seems fitting that my bridal ninja threw me a shower this same month.

It was awesome. She cleverly decided to hold it at a tea shop. it was nice and compact, 12 of the 15 guests were able to come. It was not too long, about 2.5 hours. For once this month it wasn't pouring all day. And since the shop cleaned, baked, and decorated we just planned favor bags and shopped for new tops beforehand. We didn't play any games

Some of my family were able to fly in, something that I never expected. Some friends who live far away decided they wanted to help shower me and sent stuff.

It was so uplifting to feel the love and support from everyone. Showers have always seemed very gift focused to me, but I found my shower really about community and love. Gifts were fun to look at afterwards and appreciate but at the time the women were the focus. It was nice for my closest friends to meet some of my family. It was lovely to look out into the room from my corner and see people that I really cared about all there to wish me well [and eat treats].

I was afraid I would cry and cursed that I didn't have waterproof mascara but I was just happy the whole time. if I didn't hate the word I would call it 'perfect'. It was certainly perfectly wonderful.

August showers are better than I ever thought they could be. Bring them on!


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