Space Issues

So I have been having space issues. I had a long standing written agreement with my venue that we would be able to decorate from 11-3pm the day before the wedding.

Then last weeks with less than 4 weeks to go they informed me that new circumstances meant they could not honor the agreement. These were circumstances that they had knowledge of for the past 4+ months.

My panic is probably better imagined. It was quite overwhelming. I was afraid friends would be mad at me that it happened, that they would need to put themselves out, that we would all be nervous wrecks trying to stay up late or early the day of the wedding trying to finish decoration. Let me add these are not elaborate decorations we are speaking of here. Setting up the room [tables and chairs] linens, place settings, centerpieces, and decorating a staircase.

There were 2 things that really irked me personally, no one took the time or responsibility to give me a big heartfelt apology for the snafu and I learned about the problem so late that I basically had no options.

I know I am living in the land of the Scandinavian here where a favorite joke is 'did you hear the about the man who loved his wife so much he almost told her so?' [surely in actual Scandinavian countries this is not true] but please an apology goes a long way, even if it's not your fault personally, even if you are apologizing for your organization.

Or maybe I am just oversensitive.

Then the complete lack of options, it was too late to reschedule anything. Too late to find another venue, to late to push the ceremony start time back, to late to have the rehearsal on another evening, too late to do anything but grind through and somehow make this work. People tell me not to worry, and I try to let it go. People remind me that everything will not be perfect but I'd like to think anyone who has read this blog knows I am aware of that...what bothers me is all the effort this mix up is asking of my friends and family. *sigh* We wanted to throw them a great party after they witnessed our marriage.

I am grateful to them from the bottom of my heart though. That their space for us and our wedding only seems to expand.


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