why did I order that pizza?

Why do I keep ordering pizza I don't want to eat?

Background facts:

I love the homemade pizza I had as a child.
I love the pizza we had in Rome
I cannot replicate those pizzas here in the Midwest in my home.
No one else can either.

Dissecting what happens:

I start craving pizza. I haven't had it in months.
I start thinking about pizza and how much I enjoyed it in the past.
I start plotting -- I could have pizza soon.
Then I order some pizza .
I feel a glow of happiness-pizza is coming. yea!
Pizza arrives and it's not the like the pizza from my childhood or Rome.
I am disappointed in the pizza and don't enjoy it.

Wait about 4-6 months and it happens again! and again. and again.
I realize that occasionally I am a slow learner.

Grasping at straws I hope that if I write about it perhaps next time I won't order the pizza.
It's worth a shot, we'll see what happens come May.

Feel free to share tips on how you handle this, because it may not be pizza for you, but I bet there is something.

p.s. why yes this pizza may be a metaphor...


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