So much glitter -- Playford 2012

The theme [midwinter gossamer] for this year's Playford confused many but the end results were wonderful. There were lovely new costumes and everyone looked festive.

The ball always has a program which makes it easy for me to give certain dances a miss which increases my enjoyment. My two friends and I wore our tiaras and they were greatly admired. Although I am not a huckster I could have easily worn a button -- "make your own tiara, ask me how!"It would be fun if a lot of people took me up on it next year. Tiaras everywhere.

My wife made me a gorgeous new gown this year.[not pictured] A slate blue chiffon over a salmon pink silk. She is so talented though she says it may be the last chiffon creation she ever makes, it was extremely difficult to sew. It was truly wonderful though and suited the gossamer theme perfectly.

I only took two months off from dancing last year [November and July] and it seemed to pay off in increased stamina. I made it to the after party for the first time in years and didn't leave until 3 am. Although our host envisioned a 'breakfast at Tiffanys' style party, so many of us changed clothing after the ball we were a casual lot. We certainly had fun though.

The one word I would use to sum up this ball was glitter. I'm guessing it will be several weeks before it is all gone. Sparkly is good though.


Mary R said...

Well *someone* sure seems to be striking a jaunty pose in the featured photograph. And a pose it might well be, since as anyone familiar with ECD could tell you she sure isn't getting on that "circle four left once round" train that's leaving the station without her, AHEM.

Though in her defense, perhaps she was distracted by the psychic sensation of someone in a gorgeous tiara standing behind her.

Kara said...

I must say, the tiaras were all stunning and the ball wouldn't have been the same without them. Everyone next year should make their own...maybe that could be the theme next year... Tiaras and Heys For Four!

Shari said...

Lovely indeed! I can't wait to see more pics!

engagedbliss said...

MR--OR it's right hands across and she is gracefully reminding her group of what to do!

K -- Tiaras would be an excellent theme. and can I tell you how relieved I was when I mentioned going to the bead store and *you* thought of tiaras as well.

S --Welcome. I will post one more ball pic just for you. :)

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