summer and patience

I want to leave myself a note -- on Wednesday the 14th of March, I ate my dinner outside in the herb garden. Also my wife saw the first mosquito on her arm that evening.

It's winter until March 20 but we jumped to summer this week. Temps around 80 for days. Between the heat and DST my ass has been kicked! I am just starting to adjust to the time and weather change.

These are some of the reasons why I have not yet blogged about Patience which I saw last Sunday the 11th. This picture is of the gorgeous, effective set. Truly beautiful. The opera matched the set and is the funniest G&S I have ever seen. The chorus of 'lovesick maidens' in their classical dress -- loved them. All of the leads -- accomplished singers. The music was wonderful. Highly recommended go see it and enjoy. Hopefully it is not completely sold out. Off to dancing, it's going to be a hot night!


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