Ah, I remember this now

My regular medical doctor is great in so many ways. When I had aches in my chest, she eliminated cardiac problems, said she noticed some muscles spasming and recommended that I go to my acupuncturist. Or get a massage. [If you are local and need a new doctor let me know] If I didn't know an acupuncturist she would have whipped out a list of names.

I spoke to her about another issue and she suggested a food sensitivity causing inflammation. I told her I had just checked [again] this winter for sensitivity to wheat, corn and dairy -- no positives.  'So it's probably all grains then, not just wheat', she said cheerfully.

I was silent and thought. I have not been grain free since 2002 - 2004. I was not 100% grain free but I did feel less inflamed. Although I am 90% whole grains currently they could be bothering me. My best friend pointed out that I had a allergy to grass pollens so it makes sense that I could be sensitive to their seeds. It's so logical.

I decided I was up for an experiment and my wife even volunteered to join me. What's two months or so? It's a great time of year to eat veggies and fruit. So we started on Monday.

I am so hungry.

I remember now this happened last time. My body is going through a huge adjustment. Grains help me to feel full and my body is confused right now. I know it will pass but still...

It sucks right now to be grain free.


Mary R said...

Well. more power to you, it sounds like a difficult diet to follow -- I almost can't imagine what there is left for you to eat! But that says a lot more about me than I should probably let on to your readers.

In a way it helps to keep in mind your current efforts, as I also struggle through my first week of a sugar sabbatical. Mostly, though, I'm just cranky and who the heck cares about anyone else?! (This will pass, I know.)

engagedbliss said...

going off sugar is hell. [or it was for me as you probably remember] It's been almost 10 years for me and I still remember it vividly.

I hope it smoothes out for you soon!

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