that no grain thing

The first week of no grain is coming to an end. I can't tell if my physical issues are from the food adjustment or allergies or some hideous combination of them. Let's call them digestive discomforts, sleep discomforts and muscle discomforts -- and ignore them for the rest of this post.

I searched in vain for an easy grain free pancake recipe I liked this week. One that did not call for a trillion eggs or request me to separate said eggs. Whipping and folding egg whites is more than I want to face in the morning. So I made one up. So far so good. I'll post it as soon as I test it a bit more. Hmm -- Is lack of grain increasing my sarcasm?

I noticed part of me is already so tired of thinking about food all the time. Or it feels like all the time. I will be delighted when the newness of no grain eating wears off and I just do it without having to plot and plan. Forty-six more days of this experiment. I'm not thinking about what may come next.


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