Happy Beltane 2012!! and labyrinths

The first day of May and I spent part of it cutting grass. The season must be a month ahead -- at least. Surreal and wondrous.

I didn't blog last week but I did make many updates to my workshop information page and spent my time on this labyrinth, a demo for the workshop. 

For this one I moved outside my favorite color pathway, it has a gingham effect which is not typical 'me' but has charm I think.

I am looking forward to teaching this class. It will be fun and has space for becoming what the attendees need most. I love the accessibility of labyrinths as a meditative tool and I also love the making of them. I find making can pull you into a labyrinth in a whole new way. 

I am planning on teaching this workshop two other times in 2012, hopefully once outside this summer, and will update the page with those plans as they settle. If you have questions about the workshop check out my other page or shoot me a message. 

Meanwhile I hope May 1st gives you a flowery kiss of sweetness.


Mary R said...

Link not working?...

Is it possible that something's going wrong on my end?

engagedbliss said...

Hmmm, not sure what went wrong there, but it should be working now. Please let me know if it continues to be non-functional for you.
and thanks for clicking it :)

beeline said...

I love your blog and particularly the whole labrynth concept... its truly inspiring!

Take care.


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