best friends and birthdays

My best friend is having an eventful 2012. So eventful I don't yet know if she'll have the energy to celebrate her birthday in any of the typical ways. Healing takes a lot of energy even on one's birthday!

But still it is a glorious day. She was born on this day and I am so grateful for that. If she hadn't been incarnated this time around I know I would have spent this entire life feeling like I was missing something. [and that would have sucked!]

So here I am raising my glass of switchel in her direction and writing out my version of this gut healing drink for the hot weather that is due to return.

EB's Switchel

12 oz water
1 tsp apple vinegar
1 tsp honey [or 8 drops of stevia]
1 tsp ginger root [dried and ground]

Combine together and adjust to taste depending if you want more sour, more sweet or more warmth.
Serve over ice and enjoy!

-hopefully while sitting in the yard on another perfect birthday with perfect birthday weather.  

As usual.  xo and big love to all the other virgos with birthdays out there. You know who you are!


Máire said...
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Máire said...

This sounds tasty. Ginger powder? Grated ginger? Ginger something else I'm not thinking of? Remember I'm not very clever.

engagedbliss said...

yes, for this I use ground dried ginger. the type you may have on your spice shelf? I will update the recipe.

you could use fresh ginger root, but it would have to steep to impart it's flavour [and then probably be strained out]

OR [your question gave me a brain spark --thank you!] perhaps pickled ginger the kind one get with sushi... I'll have to try that.

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