Dinner with the Birds

This past weekend we went out to dinner at the Birdhouse with some friends. It was my writing partner's birthday pick and since we all love Heidi's so much we were eager to try this new venture.

I am inclined to start with the good:
-The decor- clean lines, no fuss, unobstructed windows. I love restaurants in buildings that used to be houses!
-The staff - helpful and responsive.
-The food - My wife's trout was fabulous. The soup [cauliflower/parsnip puree with pear and blue cheese], squash with mushrooms/bacon [veggie side dish] and the salads were big hits also.

Areas needing improvement:
-The decor - no soft furnishings make for very noisy rooms.
-The staff - We had 3 courses and had to wait for silverware to eat both the delivered soup and dessert at the end. My glass of wine was forgotten completely. [well not by me]
-The food - The bread was horrible, it tasted old [even though we all love multi grain bread]. The gnocchi special merely ok. The waffles and creamed chicken were mediocre. Even the desserts - lemon curd and apple crisp were shatteringly average. Since the food was mostly blah everything seemed overpriced.

Other thoughts: Have I ever bothered to comment on staff and decor in a restaurant review before? Usually I go straight to the food... that may more to the point than anything else.

Summing up: Make your reservations at Heidi's instead.


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