October ending randomness

My busy month is winding down. This may have been my busiest October ever. Busier than October 2007 when I was married twice? Yes I think so. 

There were so many wonderful things in October. The Montreal trip. The international labyrinth convention. Teaching my workshop. Challenge ECD. So much stuff changing at work for the better. Birthday celebrations. I always think of October being richly colored and this one certainly was - all wine, copper, gold and that blue October sky.

Right now I am trying to nail down three grain free recipes - pumpkin bars, cheesy squash and apple cake. I am comparing coconut butters and wondering why they can taste so chalky. Planning a little tea party. Doing pre-work for nanowrimo. It starts in a couple of days and it's so much fun [for me]. Oh and I must remember to donate this week and get that halo! The end of October is so sweet.

So much thankfulness to the October that is ending. *bow*


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