Magical marriage on Lughnasadh

For years I had assumed I would be getting married a third time in the state/country where I reside. 

Some Day.

Then something magical happened. More than one thing. Many things.

My residing state got together and decided to not limit marriage to couples of opposite gender declarations. Then a group of black robed people, looking like a bunch of Hogwarts professors, decided that if my state said I was married they would not disagree.

What this meant for me and my wife? As of midnight today we are so married. All without lifting a finger. It was like a spell had been cast -- or broken. I didn't need to get married again. 

On July 31st I wasn't and then on August 1 I was.  Magic, we are.

Happy Lughnasadh and congratulations to all the new spouses. 

Here's hoping many more dreams will come true for us all. xox


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Lady Chardonnay said...

Most glorious! Hugest and warmest congratulations on your marriage, and all best wishes for a happy life together!

- Jen D-K

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