Sixth on the Sixth

Our sixth wedding anniversary!

Wow that went by so quickly.

I can remember 10-6-2007,  the humidity and heat and rush and all the love and support so well.  I am so grateful for these memories but also happy that today will be of a much lower stress and task level.

It's a crisp, sunny-for-now, typical autumn day.  My sweet wife has spent most of the weekend sick in bed, we have missed concerts, parties and now we will be staying in for our anniversary.  I will pick up some Indian take out. I am not sick in the same way but I don't feel normal either so it is good to not have to push it. My new dress will have to wait to be taken out.

It is wonderful to remember our first wedding day and be happy with all the extras there are to celebrate this year. Low key is a really nice change.


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