Mostly about cake and guests

Wow, time is simply flying.

We decided on our baker and the cake this week. One of the nice things about the three bakers we looked at is that the price was basically the same for all, so we could really go with our preference and not take price into consideration.

We are having Patisserie Margo bake our cake. She has a bakery and only does one wedding cake per day [per weekend?]. Her confections are fabulous. Her flour less chocolate cake is the best I have ever eaten. She totally understands that we don't want things to be too sweet, that we like alternative but not artificial sweeteners and since wedding cakes are not her big focus she has the time to customize ours for us.

As it stands now we are planning on a 3 tier cake. 8", 10" and 12". Round layers. One layer Chocolate, with tart cherries and whipped cream filling, one layer almond nut cake with on filling layer of apricot puree/agave nectar cream and then the smallest layer, Guinness ginger cake with lemon/whipped cream filling. It will be frosted with vanilla Italian meringue butter cream frosting and decorated with flowers [pansies and ivy]. I feel a tiny bit fraught that we put down a deposit and didn't actually fill out an order form. We seem to be finding very laid back people to work with -- it will be a drag if it comes back and bites us on the @ss. It sounds so yummy and we should have some leftovers for later.

I also heard through my eldest sister that some a couple who I invited were thrilled to get the S-T-D and can't wait to come in October. This makes me so very happy. I hoped they would be able to make it but they said they were honoured, the sweeties. It was very good news.

My dress angst still continues. I may have a plan though. It involves fabric samples.


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