dress decisions

I have been doing lots of non wedding stuff and thinking about my dress. I was driving home one day and glanced at my e-ring on my hand and thought "I love my ring" and then suddenly I realized that I would like to feel that way about my dress if at all possible. Since I didn't love my current dress it seemed like madness to put $300+ in to alterations on the off chance it might end up being something I love. I really like the shape and the beading of the dress but that's about it. Basically it was back up dress, but a really expensive one.

I decided to forgive myself for my mistake. After all not only does everyone make mistakes but buying a wedding dress was something I had never done before, not too surprising I made a mistake. I decided I didn't want to wear it and that I would start looking for a dress I loved.

I found a dress that I really, really like for $49.97 at Nordstrom's Rack. It is the perfect back up dress. Now I can consign or donate the first one. And I am leisurely looking for one that I love. I hope I find it. But I don't feel stressed out anymore because I have this perfectly nice one, that needs very little alterations as my back up. It is flowing silk rayon material, with a greek neckline, sheath shape so I had to go up a size so it wouldn't cling in the wrong place. Burn out satin, with some beading on the front and comes with a shrug with long flowing sleeves. The straps need to be shortened by a good 2 inches, in fact I think I'll just get bigger straps put on it, and it may need a little hemming at that point. It is such a relief to have worked that out.

I even found a great pattern for an opera coat, so I have an option of getting one made in a sumptuous fabric if I find a dress that needs it.

We are trying to decide on the menu and I am working through my invitation decisions, but it's not nearly so stressful as the dress angst.

I also realize I am getting used to the idea of ivory and me.


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