pork is for...guests?

Pork. yep that is what we are planning on serving at our dinner-dance.

It has gotten a few quirked eyebrows. We are planning a vegetarian entree for those who don't eat meat or perhaps don't eat pork for religious reasons.

How did we arrive at pork? We so didn't want to serve chicken, especially since our favorite Indian chicken dish will probably be the food highlight of the rehearsal dinner. [for us at least] We didn't want to do seafood, too many people seem to dislike it. We seriously considered Beef Bourguignonne but our caterer's pork recipes have us salivating when we read them. So I think we are going for it, we are serving pork at our wedding. Look at this description and tell me if you could have resisted...

Pork Tenderloin Medallions with Dried Cherry-Port Sauce and Blue Cheese-Pine Nut Topping

Mmmmm. Should be tasty and different. Because if there is one thing a wedding with 2 brides needs is something to make it stand out. LOL

Hopefully in my lifetime a wedding with 2 brides won't make a wedding alternative at all.


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