dress move on & what do you do

Well I did it a few weeks ago, sent my original dress choice to the consignment shop where it may or may not sell. Since the money I would make would be fairly pitiful if it did sell I have no problems with donating it to a 'good' cause if it doesn't sell.

I just hope someone will be very happily married in it. *sigh* I do really love the beading on it. Too bad nothing else was quite right.

I am still happy with my back up dress. The dress of my dreams has not yet appeared. But I have shopped for it. Since I like my back up dress so much I am not too interested in getting something custom made. [though who knows what will change in the next couple of months]

It's partially the $ factor. We have wedding bands [and lots of other stuff] to buy. Part of me is more interested on spending money on stuff to treat our loved ones, or on more long term stuff. Because even though I am getting used to me in ivory since I want a long dress I probably won't be wearing it ?ever? again. It's hard to be excited about spending a lot of money on something like that.

I do feel like it's all going to work out great.

I had to smile today, someone at work asked me about my wedding and being gay. 'what will you do since you're gay?' I didn't really know what she was looking for... she asked about the legality of it here and Canada. I appreciated her asking. And then 'what will you wear?' I think she was really concerned about whether there would be two dresses or .... I explained that different couples choose differently and then she happily listened to our dress descriptions. It was fun and odd to have that at work. I am a lucky woman full of gratitude, that's for sure.


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