Single Digit

My e-ring had to go into the ring doctor to get some prongs fixed. It is an antique ring that was obviously worn a lot. It has lovely energy so I like to think the woman wearing it before was happy in her life and relationships. It was so odd to have that finger quiet for several days after the past months of wearing it consistently. I found that I kind of missed my talky ring. My hand really felt empty.

It made me wonder about the symbols we surrounded ourselves with…would anyone notice it was gone and think my sweetie and I had broken up? I felt like I had changed the frontage that I show to the world, just the part that people see because of course nothing had changed on the inside or in our relationship. It was a bit odd.

On our ‘days to wedding counter’ we are down to single digits. The wedding is next week. Next week! That’s like no time at all. Everyday now I can check the 10 day forecast and see what they are guessing the weather on my wedding day will be…

I seem to moving in a bubble of space and awe. Most things are done. And there is still a sizable list to do. But I feel like I am floating into that region of transformation, that place where you are neither one thing nor the other. I looked at the full moon this morning in the pale blue sky and truly was here, present, wordless for an instant/eon. We are life


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