the Honeymoon-Thursday

So we arrive to the Thursday report of our honeymoon. I was up at what feels like dawn. My dress still hadn't arrived but the tracking number was now working but unhelpful. My dress went to New Brunswick?! then to Seattle, then to Vancouver then finally it says it's on its way to Victoria.

We ate our breakfast quickly because we had an appointment with Whales that day. Breakfast = some kind of fritata which didn't do that much for me, I ate it though for the protein. My DW can't eat it at all because it had broccoli in it.

Our arrival time and place was too early and away from the harbor. I understand that they don't want people to miss the boat but what a waste. And why we didn't just meet at the dock I don't know. it's a very cool and gloomy day. After we get going on the boat, I was still cold even with all my gear on so I gratefully took an extra coat from the boat's supply. We picked the boat with a cabin and bathroom so there is a way to get out of the cold when needed.

The trip was fun. I love being out on the water no matter what. My sweetie was radiant with joy, she loves the water too, and animals. We saw 5 humpbacks and sea lions galore. And really had a great though chilly 3 hours on the water.

We got back in time for a late lunch, we took our bikes to China town and had lunch at the place that had been closed the day before. It was great, and we had a leisurely time eating and drinking hot tea. We then walked our bikes down Government street looking at all the stuff we had been missing when we biked by.

We got home and my dress had arrived safely though so wrinkled. I hung it up to steam. I now have my cord for my laptop and can catch up on computer stuff easily. Though not in the room, because for some reason the wifi would not work in our room. My sweetie takes a nap and I wander around taking tons of pictures on the B&B. I spoke to our host about a dilemma, is it really worth it to visit Buchart gardens? I explain that we can't bike quite that far, and renting a scooter or taking a coach bus is very pricey. He looks at me quizzically, 'why not just take a city bus?' The man is brilliant. The city bus route takes you right there! For $3 round trip. What a deal. We make plans to do that on Saturday.

Then we set off for a bike ride on the coast to work up appetites for dinner. I keep thinking oak bay is just around the next outcropping but wasn't. After about half an hour we have done a lot of hills and are ready for the trip home. Especially since we don't have lights on the bikes.

We wander down to the fisherman's wharf to eat at Barb's Place, I had been resisting going there because I thought it would all be fried fish and chips. But you do not have to get your fish fried there. We had some great fish and salads and fries and it was all yummy. Barb's is an outside eatery, but there was 3 sided pavilion to eat in so we were cozy. We got there just before they closed and enjoyed a peak of sun with the sunset.

Walked home hand and hand. Really looking forward to the wedding the next day.


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