the honeymoon-Wednesday

Up early again. I don't think I ever really got on Victoria time. But I loved hanging out in our kitchen and our patio drinking tea and doing qi gong.

Eventually it's 8:30 and breakfast time. It is ricotta pancakes this morning which are seriously yummy. We laze around a bit in the morning and get stuff together. I visited a fabulous yarn store the afternoon before because I came to Canada without my knitting. So I had a perfect excuse to buy something like hand painted silk yarn. So I do a bit of casting on... It's a lovely, sunny day.

We bike to the harbor and lock the bikes up. We have forgotten our helmets again. We take a long walk all along the north side of the harbor and cross the seriously funky blue bridge, we walk back through town and poke around a bit. We visit the old established Roger's chocolate store. We ponder buy presents for people at home, but then we decide it will be best if we take some home to test before buying gifts.

Next we had reservations for tea at the Empress, we figured you have to do it once. This a seriously beautiful, old hotel. We have a great table at the window overlooking the harbor. The tea is yummy, the service wonderful, the food just ok. Really not worth the price but fun to do for once. Afterwards we tour the public rooms of the hotel, they are truly beautiful. Then we take lots of pictures in the neighboring rose garden. Victoria is still full of flowers in the first week of October. We seriously thought about going to the museum but the weather is so great we can't bear to go inside no matter how many fabulous things we hear about it.

Then we took a harbor ferry on a gorge tour. It was beautiful out on the water. Afterwards we poke around Chinatown, we wanted to have dinner at the Chinese cafe we found on Monday but they were closed on Wednesdays. So we end up at Nautical Nellie's. My sweetie indulges her oyster love. I had scallops, my serious sea food favorite. They are the tiny ones and so yummy. Not having much luck with my wine choices though.

There was quite an exciting ride home in the dark. Luckily it is not far, the bikes do not come with lights. We have a great cozy evening. Wednesday was another lovely honeymoon day.


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