the honeymoon-Friday

I think this was the morning I actually managed to sleep later than 6 am. It was pretty nice. Breakfast I think was french toast which was good but far to sweet for me since I don't eat sugar. Luckily we had cheese and nuts in the fridge in our kitchen.

We left after breakfast to hit the local shopping center. I wanted to pick up a few things for the wedding and my sweetie did a load or two of laundry. Those bikes were so great for using around Victoria. I bought some red roses and tied myself up a bouquet and we got dressed. The weather was fabulous, sunny and warm, we were so happy we would be able to get married outside in the garden right near our patio.

It was a lovely simple wedding. I wore a simple dress it was ivory [again] which really surprised me. My sweetie decided to wear just black pants, white shirt and her black silk blazer, a totally different look from the wedding at home. There were two witnesses, new victorian friends who brought gifts and our two hosts present. It was short and sweet. We all toasted everything we could think of as we stood on the patio and signed the paperwork. The we went out for a late lunch.

Our Canadian wedding was totally different from the one with family and a big party but still very meaningful for us.


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