JW is back

I did something different this evening, I watched TV. This, of course, is not a big deal for most people but for me. Well I don't normally watch "TV".

I do watch my TV at times. DVDs and the very occasional sporting event, though I don't think I watched any sports in 2008.

I did not see one political commercial in 2008, that's what not watching TV did for me. Not to mention all the time it frees up that I use for...I have no idea. Sometimes I wonder how I ever managed to watch TV back in the day, because I don't seem to have any extra time now so where did all that previously watching TV time go? Not to the gym unfortunately.

Anyway I actually watched network broadcast TV tonight. Joss Whedon's new show Dollhouse. I think it is a very odd show. Disturbing for sure. I mean the kidnapping sub plot was disturbing for me, but the fact that these actives are being used, mind wiped, treated like things is just creepy. And why do they have them sleeping in weird coffin type things?

The back story was just barely hinted at but I am a rather paranoid person. How do we know just who has been wiped and programmed? I mean we see people who are not called actives involved with the dollhouse but maybe they have also been wiped and programmed to be a geeky technician, a doctor, a ex-cop handler and the 'boss ma'am'. It reminds me of Prisoner a bit, at least the creep factor does.

I have no idea where this show will to end up. But I am signing up because I am curious. Mysteries hook me in, we'll see if Joss disappoints.

oh yeah, and commercials are totally different from how I remember them


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