The sound of my life passing very quickly.

See if any of the following applies to your life:

-your 'to do' list is very long or
-it feels too overwhelming to make a list of all you have to do
-your life is full of wonderful things
-sometimes you can't "find" the time to be grateful
-you have trouble making time for the stuff that feeds you
-you want to complain about your workload
-but you feel guilty because you are lucky to have work
-the thaw is exposing vast amounts of dog poo in the yard
-add your own

The thing that is bothering me most on this list is, after the poo, is the doing the stuff that feeds me. Why is it so hard to get in the habit of treating yourself well in practical ways?

Intellectually I know and believe that if I took, say 1/2 hour in the morning, to journal and do qi gong the rest of my life would be better. Those 30 minutes would ripple down in a positive way to me, my loved ones and heck, out to the world. So it's a no brainer right?

This isn't about a 'should', it's about loving myself enough to change habits, stand up for me and do it. I have even managed to implement it at times in my life. But not right now. I feel basically good, although very overwhelmed. I feel fairly willing. But the practice is just not following right now.

Which at this moment seems so discouraging. So it's off to take the fish oil before I forget.


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