Wow, it was quite a weekend. It warmed up nicely on Saturday, I think I heard it was in the 40's. [of course it is 4 right now but we shan't speak of such things] We got up and went cross country skiing first thing in the morning. I lasted twice as long and went twice as far. I really enjoyed it. It's nice to have something winter specific to anticipate.

Then we got ready for our dinner party on and off the rest of the day. It was great fun. The stew was fabulous. It was interesting serving it over potatoes but I am not sure I would do it that way again. The beet salad was ok. I had the wrong type of goat cheese, creamy not crumbly and that made it less good.

The apple tart was yummy and a relief to me since I had an awful fight with the pastry while making it. The fact that it didn't turn out as tough as shoe leather is miraculous. The cinnamon ice cream yummy, but it was a bit soft. A bit longer in the freezer would have been ok, we'll remember for next time. The crostini were edible but need some major tweaking, the spiced nuts and olives fine. The wines and juices thirst-quenching.

Basically just a great time with friends old and new. People didn't leave until after 1:00 am and we were sooooo tired but happy that everyone seemed to be having fun.

The next day was spent in clean up, of which there wasn't much and some rest. It's strange but I love cleaning up after a party, it's my favorite type of cleaning. Putting things back in order after arranging them for my guests seems fun. Hand washing silver and glasses is darn right enjoyable. I seem to be alone in this quirk though, at least I have never found someone who felt the same but for all I know there is probably a website devoted to it somewhere.

I celebrate Imbolc on February 1st so I went out with 2 close friends for an early quick dinner before we all enjoyed a lovely evening english country dancing to live music. That was quite the work out. We are starting to learn the dances for the Ball in the spring. So far not one that I dislike.

So a lovely weekend and now I am feeling worn out and ready for some downtime this evening. I want to be awake for yoga tomorrow. I realize I have the energy to report but none to reflect, oh well. basic blogging, I guess.


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