cold so soup

The late November weather continues. Of course October is barely half over but I survive. I don't like to complain about the cold too much, since usually I don't mind it all that much, after all I do choose to live here in Minnesota. I feel silly complaining about cold here, like complaining about rain when you choose to live in Seattle. But seeing it snow again this morning as I drove to work was...a downer. I love autumn and I would really love it if the weather would go back to average so that I could enjoy autumn.

In the meantime my best response to the weather is soup. There was a ham bone waiting so it's making yummy broth right now and the beans are soaking. Tomorrow I'll take the fat off the top of the chilled broth and make white bean soup. I have a plethora of veggies to choose from so who knows what will go into it. Definitely kale since I have bags of it and leeks and who knows--soup adventures!

The supporting reason for my beginning this soup...I can step into my kitchen again, the new floor is grouted. Rosie was adorable the first time she picked her way daintily across the new floor, seeing a rottweiler be light-footed is not something you see every day. The floor is still a work in process though absolutely gorgeous. Although we sealed the slate first it did absorb some of the grout, which we have to get off the tiles before the second coat of sealer goes on. And of course the grout needs to be sealed as well. But still big progress.

Now to mull over paint colours for the walls. Stay warm.


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