jumble in my head

There are all kind of things that I could blog about today. I am really having a hard time narrowing it down so instead, brain blog dump.

-This week we got 2.5 inches of snow. It was all way too early for us all. My garden is basically done for the year and the CSA ends this week as well. It's been quite the veggie ride this summer. And I think I would do it again.
-Our red and yellow check 12x12 laminate tile kitchen floor has bit the dust. The tiles were just crumbling to bits every time it was washed, and finally we admitted we either had to put down a new floor or walk around on plywood for awhile. Since my super handy bil is in town and willing to do most of the work getting a new floor down, that is what we have been doing. We went with the 16x16 slate tiles from home depot at 1.77 a square foot. The grouting is today and the floor looks stunning. And really the project is happening quite quickly. But I feel like I have been spending every moment with other people and my introvert self is reeling. I desperately need some quiet time and I feel stupid about getting it.
-I am in the second week of a resiliency program which does not have link. If you have ever read "the Chemistry of Joy" then you'll have an idea of what the program consists. This is run by the guy who wrote that book and is quite cool and hard and amazing and overwhelming all at the same time. Not sure how I will feel at the end. Sometimes I do not feel very hopeful. And sometimes I feel out of place since I have never even been on anti-depressant medication.
-the weather is changing [even earlier than usual] and I have no idea how I will get more exercise in my life, especially given that my downstairs is torn up with the floor remodel. And we are going to paint the kitchen as well since the old yellow won't go with the slate floor and it hasn't been done in 10+ years and really needs it.
-if I still sound overwhelmed I am. It seems to be the theme for the year.
-in my intake for the program it was recommended I go on Rhodiola. It's been about a month now and I think it's helping. [which I guess is good but I don't know if doing more is the optimal result] This is probably why I was able to consider tackling the kitchen problem at all and why ...
-we are having a Samhain [Halloween] party at the end of the month. If you know us and you live in the area and you didn't get an invitation it was pure accident. We are inviting everyone. I am really looking forward to a fun, informal get together with whoever can drop by. My first Halloween party since my junior year in high school!
-the cottage is taking up some attention. a new furnace really needs to be installed to deal with our very cold [and did I mention early] winters. Hopefully it will work out and soon.

So there it is a collage of my current life. Perhaps there will be more focus coming out of all of this soon. I hope everyone is as warm as they need to be right now.


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