taking the shine

It was indeed a weird week last week. I had really funny adorable post rattling in my head and then I was wiped out by a migraine. I don't get migraines very often nowadays, perhaps twice a year, but when I do whoa .

As I was pulling out from a bad one [made worse by the sauna, note to self 'do not sauna when you have a migraine'] I was going to put myself in bed for a little nap, hopefully to speed the healing. Oh wait, I thought, must feed kitty first so I won't be nagged while trying to heal.

That was when it happened, I bent over in the dark closet to get the food and smacked my face into the vacuum handle I didn't see. Thereby getting my first shiner. There was much profanity, those who only know me through this blog may not realize what a swearer I am, and when faced with that kind of pain I really let loose. I then stumbled to the couch, clutching an ice pack, held it on my face and cried for 15 minutes. I didn't even really realize I was crying.

Ok, I had no idea that black eyes hurt that much. wow. How do people fight or box and even risk that kind of pain. Even though the excruciating bit was done in an hour, it throbbed for a day then hurt for several more, and now near a week later it is still tender to touch. And yes, it is totally weird to be able to see your own cheek without looking into a mirror.

And weirdly I even felt shame about it, like people would be assuming that I had been in a fight or been abused or something. It was a new experience I wouldn't have minded missing though I certainly have empathy for all those with black eyes now. Which is probably handy from a 'growing as a person' perspective.
Should I be seeing a moral in here about not taking care of your cat before yourself or something...


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