6 days off equals fabulous

Word count = 45126
Today I just love nanowrimo deeply. Even though there were many great hours with family celebrating Thanksgiving I got writing done. and I am feeling great about doing tons more today as I enjoy my super long weekend off from work.

Made it to the Y already, our own turkey is cooking today since I am a big leftover fan and I need the protein. All is good and I cannot wait to write this afternoon.

so in yesterday's snippet I realized that I have never talked much about music in this blog, which seems funny now. Anyway, I love music, pretty much everything but gospel or country. I am one of those people who always have it on in the background but I also spend a lot of time actively listening to it. I find if I am not going out and listening to live music that is a signal I am not doing well in the self care department.

Probably because I am not a European I only heard of Sarah Bettens a few years ago, she is immensely popular across the water. Since then I have seen her at Michfest and she was all kinds of awesome. Anyway I found this amazing video the other day of the Sarah Bettens song: Fine. Her official video of the song is hysterically funny, she is dressed up as a lip syncing teen but this one blew me away. And I am not a video person really but the footage of Sarah looking into the camera is just so -- although probably just a performance for me it's like a loving kindness meditation caught on camera. wow

so there I got some musical sharing out there, now off to write, write like the wind...


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