first car mourning

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About 15 years ago my ex and I bought my very first new car. In fact it's the only car I have ever bought new.
Yesterday I sold it. In the past 6 years I have only put on about 14,000 miles, due to my 2 back surgeries it had become much less comfortable to drive. But prior to 2004 that car was like an extension of me.
I really thought that I had already moved on and let go of that car but when I saw my green subaru legacy wagon being driven away my lips started to quiver, really.
I cried in that car. Laughed, sang, had serious talks. Travelled. Commuted. And suffered from incredible migraines in it. It's AWD took me through all kinds of weather, it never broke down on me and now it is gone on to a new life as top car for someone else. Which is good, I guess. I am sure it was the right thing to do selling my car. And I really needed the money, I sold it for a fair price with no lying and I hated having a car just sitting around not really getting used when so many people are in need. So yes, it must be a good thing.

But I do miss that car. Grief sneaks up at the weirdest times.


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