cheating heart?

Word count : 32,300 [lots more writing planned for the evening]
So I think I am love with one of the characters in the story I am writing for nanowrimo. Is that normal? I know other writers but since I am not a writer [really, I don't think I am ] I have never talked about writing fiction with anyone else.

So I told a friend on Thursday that I thought I was in love with one of my characters. Or maybe it is just a crush, after all, I don't know her very well, I know I like her a lot. My patient friend almost choked [was it laughter?], you made her up, how can you not know her. I tried to explain I only made her up a few weeks ago, not a very long time at all to get to know someone. :)

Surely it helps writing if you like the people you are writing about, right? and I have had crushes on fictional characters written by others. Faith the vampire slayer, now there was a character to crush on or Aud, one of Nicola Griffiths lead characters. But falling for your own character...normal or narcissistic? I remember now I always found that story about falling in love with the statue odd and kind of controlling....huh.
Either way off to write, perhaps more about fictional boundaries and the lines we cross later.


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