green and purple

It is a colourful time right now.

On spa day I fell in love with a pine green nail polish. I don't usually paint my fingernails but I figured why not. It was gorgeous then it drove me crazy for a week.

My toenails I can paint in any wild color and I never think anything more about it. I just enjoy them. I even paint them blue sometimes even though I hardly ever wear blue and just enjoy mermaid toes. [you know if a mermaid had toes] But those pine green fingernails! I had nothing that 'went' with them. I kept trying but hardly anything I owned looked good. Very frustrating. Finally I removed it all. I have to wonder if it had something to do with my skin tone.

Still this didn't keep me from another foray into new colour. I wanted to deliberately create a ritual spaciousness for my time in Michigan this year. So inspired by a fabulous server last April [dining out for life] I decided to dye purple streaks in my hair.

My hairdresser bleached streaks in my hair, I let them rest for 36 hours, then I applied the purple. It is wild, much bluer than I thought it would be. And I keep forgetting that I did it, catch sight of myself and give a start of surprise. But it is a very 'taking a break from the regular life' kind of change. And it's only been a few days but I think people react to you differently when you have purple hair...

I'll report back in after I put more time in as a 'purple head'.


Máire said...

I had to laugh -- just the day before you posted this, I thought "I know! I'll paint my nails green like M did!" A few very confused moments later I giggled my fool head off, remembering how I swore it'd be fine for you to hang on to that bottle until after your Michigan trip.

Wait 'til you see the color I just bought! Subtle but still striking, I think. Though, more subtle than pine green...that could be anything, admittedly.

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

engagedbliss said...

M--so you bought another green? part of me is thinking 'maybe' and the other part hell no :)

J-- thanks for the compliment, I don't usually follow blogs publicly, but I'll be sure to look at yours.

peace out--eb

Máire said...

Nope, not green...and now that it's on my nails, not the color I thought it was in the bottle, either! We'll have to have another spa day.

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