lughnasadh 2010

Here it is first harvest already. Lughnasadh. I love this holiday. Partially because in the world of flexible holidays you can really celebrate it however you want. Partially because I am not that crazy about the heat of summer and the first harvest reminds me that my favorite time of year is just around the corner. I don't really like it's other name lammas, too churchy sounding for me. I know that the holidays were co-opted but I just don't want to remember that fact all the time *smile*
It certainly has a sadness as well for me, my dog would have been 16 today.

Although bonfires are common as part of the celebrations and the smoke would certainly help to keep the bugs off of one, usually it's a bit too hot for me to enjoy fire the first of August. So this year it will be about the water. Being by a big body of water always makes any day better for me.

So what ever you do. Have that bonfire, dig some new potatoes; Lughnasadh mhaith!
and here's to a really great dog that I still miss.


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