I think I am still here

Though I couldn't swear to it. Everything is a bit foggy. I am missing everyone, I miss posting, thinking, writing. I even rather miss work. it's been a tough 2 weeks.

I have chicken pox and it's been pretty bad. But I think I am rebounding at last. My fever seems down for good [finally] I am now so covered with pox that I seem to not be producing many more and I may be sick, burning, stiff with chills but I don't really itch.

All in all it's been pretty strange but I think I am improving slowly. Of course I had no idea that I had chicken pox until the odd bumps on my scalp became a rash on my face and I got into the doctor... who knows how many people I have passed it onto! I thought I had been exposed to the virus back in high school. My mom would have sworn that I had it in kindergarten.

Anyway for several hours at a time my head clears a bit and I can almost think again. If you aren't sure if you have had chicken pox a blood test can check for the antibodies and there is a vaccination now. Everything you have heard about it being worse for adults is true. Avoid it if you can [although lets face it most people have had it!]

In my fog I did try to practice stretching out from my small self. It may have worked at times. Good practice either way.


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