slow convalescence

I am always surprised by recovery. How it's not a steady improvement. You have a good day, followed by a harder one, followed by an ok one.

It's much more of a spiral than a slope. But when I take the longer view I can see the general improvement. I am doing so much better than last week and my skin is healing more every day. Compared to 2 weeks ago the improvement is phenomenal.

And I am doing my best to not push things too much. We got about 14 inches of snow in the past day and I didn't attempt to shovel it. Everyone in the house discouraged it. Still it was hard to not feel guilty. To not feel bad about not doing 'my share'.

The snow has been beautiful. I found myself staring sleepily out the window today mesmerized by the beauty of the falling snow. Thanks to the snow I don't have to feel guilty about missing dancing last night since it was canceled. Funny how those little things make a difference.

Part of me is yearning to get back to my old routines of exercise and meditation and part of me is trying to not wish for things to be different. To accept things just the way they are. Even the itchiness of dry healing skin. And soon I'll be able to blog about a limited IMAD and shoes, my energy is slowly coming back.


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