soggy summer solstice 2011

It's almost typical to have soggy cold summer solstices around here and this year did not buck that trend. It's been a very rainy 12 hours and my cherries on my tree are still hard green marbles. No early spring this year.

But still the season is now officially summer no matter what the weather does and the long hours of daylight have been wonderful. I took a long weekend from work so I am enjoying a holiday, the humidity is a bit more tolerable now that we have a breeze and there was a dry period this morning when I really enjoyed sitting on my new arbor bench that my wife built in my new geometric herb garden.

So now it's onto the joys of summer. Throwing a big party for my wife next month, visiting with my in-laws, seeing my favorite niece and god-daughter, enjoying my CSA, women's basketball and biking. It's hard to believe July is just around the corner. I hope that I can really be mindful and enjoy it. And I hope you do too.


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