don't scare the shoes

If you have been reading this blog for awhile you know all about my hate-hate relationship with shoes and shoe shopping. For the past 18 months I have had good luck with my asics tennies, I know just what to buy for exercise. But shoes, especially summer shoes, I can't cope.

What you don't know is that perhaps my luck has turned. May be for good?!

Last January a friend mentioned that she had found great shoes on sale at a local chain, so I went shopping at the upscale expensive shop and they did have racks and racks of sale shoes, many in brands that I had never heard of or had deemed too expensive for me.

I remembered that not every shoe/brand fits every person when I tried on numerous dansko shoes all of which hurt me immediately. It was like Keenes all over again. But I did find 2 pairs of clogs on sale and I took a chance. One pair were an incredible win, although I just about passed out over the $80 sale price. These shoes may have changed my relationship with shoes.

They are so comfortable. The heels aren't like heels at all. I feel like I am walking barefoot [but warmer] and the removable cork foot bed = heaven. But still I wasn't convinced. I firmly believed in my bad shoe luck. So I hesitated to mention it.

Then in March while shopping for shoes for the ball, I found another pair of Naots on sale. Amazing. Totally different style and equally wonderful. And now after trying on several styles of summer shoes I am convinced. I can admit it publicly.

It seems that I have found 'my brand' of shoes. True an expensive brand but considering the shoes I have had to break up with over the years, if these last several years the price per wear will work for me. And I may get used to the price tag. Eventually. [probably not]

If these have a down side it is that shoe stores around here carry a limited selection of this brand so I need to do online shopping to find just what I want. Fortunately I don't expect shoe shopping to be easy or quick. I'm just relieved if the end purchase lives up to my expectations.

I don't want to scare the shoe luck away but so far so good.


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