why I don't watch TV

I don't watch TV. I don't think it's bad to watch TV, I just stopped doing it years ago [how many, I cannot remember] without really thinking about it. I am pretty sure the fact that shows I liked kept getting abruptly canceled was a big part of it [SciFi and BBC channels I look at you] not to mention that I stare at another type of electronic screen for work and I my eyes got tired of screen staring.

So I don't happen to watch TV but most people forget this or don't know it and I am always being told about wonderful intriguing shows. Even my best friends who do remember I don't watch TV tell me about great shows that Netflix carries. Which I would like to watch some day...

It occurred to me this morning that I am fortunate in many ways but I don't have time to do all the many things I love to do sometimes. I have been designing and installing a new garden in the south yard and it's been great but time consuming. I haven't been running or writing or knitting or blogging. [have you noticed?]

I have really missed blogging. I couldn't when I was in CA and then when I returned there was so much to catch up on garden-wise, wife-wise. In fact right now my new garden beds are calling, they are only half mulched.

No matter, here I am giving my blog [and you all] many hugs and kisses and wishes for a wonderful June. I'll keep on looking forward to those clever shows in order to have the time to do this.


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